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On the South Side

Our own homemade sides are the perfect complements to accompany our barbeque.  All sides are Vegetarian friendly.  Small (8oz); Large (16oz)

Collards- Hearty, full-flavored greens

Mimi's Jag (Rice & Beans)- My mom's traditional Portuguese-style recipe

3-Bean Baked Beans- Slow baked and rich, a flavorful combination

Mac & Cheese- Baked to a golden brown perfection

Idaho Fries- Hand-cut fresh and fried for the perfect crunch

Mashed Sweet Potatoes- Mashed with brown sugar, butter, and a touch of cinnamon

Slaw- Sweet & vinegary, perfect on, or besides your meat

Field Green Salad- Small version of our larger salad plate

Potato Salad- A creamy potato, egg and celery blend

Black Eyed Peas Salad- Peppers, onions with a mustard vinaigrette

Cornbread- Our own hearty Southern-style recipe- 1 piece or 4 pieces

Pickles- Crunchy cucumber chips- 8oz or 16oz


 Baked Beans & Collard GreensThis is a picture of two of our 8oz sides: Baked Beans & Collard Greens!

SOS= Sauce on the Side- 8oz or 16oz

Real pit BBQ deserves a great sauce.  That's why we only serve our award winning homemade sauces SOS.

Eastern Carolina Sauce- Our own peppery vinegar-based blend.  This sauce placed 3rd in North Carolina BBQ convention in 2007!

Wilson's Own Sauce- Our tangy tomato-based recipe

Holy Chipotle Sauce- Our smoky tomato sauce with a spicy kick


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