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Our Rib Platters

These are a Wilson’s specialty. Served SOS so you can taste the smoke and spice.

Memphis Baby Back Ribs Our own dry rub and many hours in our pit give these lean ribs their mouth-watering flavor. Served SOS.
Full Slab Platter (4oz sauce)
Half Slab Platter (2oz sauce)

St. Louis Ribs Our biggest and meatiest, these authentic St. Louis cut ribs are slow smoked until they are tender, moist and flavorful. Served SOS.
Full Slab Platter (4oz sauce)
Half Slab Platter (2 oz sauce)


Barbeque Platters

Our platters are served with your choice of two sides, plus cornbread, 4oz sauce and our homemade pickles.

Eastern Carolina Pulled Pork Forget everything you thought you knew about flavor. All night in our pit, this moist pork shoulder makes "the other white meat" something else altogether Served SOS

Texas-Style Beef Brisket Slow-cooked overnight to be smooth and smoky just like the best of Texas. Served SOS

Link Sausage Texas-Style Slow-cooked, smoky links you rarely find outside of Texas. Served SOS- 

1/2 Natural Yard Bird Juicy and flavorful, our slow smoked, free range chicken is a lighter way to enjoy our full-flavor barbeque. Served SOS

2- & 3-Meat Platters Like our other platters, but choose your combination of Pulled Pork, Brisket, Sausage, Chicken and Ribs. Served SOS

This is a picture of our 3-Meat Platter with St. Louis Style Ribs, Beef Brisket and Pulled Pork served with our delicious homemade pickles!

Barbeque Sandwiches

Our sandwiches are served on a fresh roll with our delicious homemade pickles and slaw or potato salad.

Eastern Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich Served the traditional way with slaw and our Eastern Carolina sauce on the sandwich.

Texas Brisket Sandwich Served SOS (2oz)

Texas Sausage Sandwich Served SOS (2oz)

Pulled Chicken Sandwich Served SOS (2oz)


By the Bird/ Slab/ Pound

Sauce is not included, it must be purchased separately.

Barbeque by the Pound- Pulled Pork, Brisket or Sausage, Pulled Chicken

Chicken- Half Bird or Whole Bird

Ribs by the Slab- Memphis Baby Backs or St. Louis Style- 1/2 Slab or Full Slab

Wilson's Sauces- 8oz or 16oz

Grab 'N Go- Feeds 4-6 people (and maybe more!!) 1 Whole 3.5lb Chicken, 1 Slab St. Louis ribs, 1 LG Slaw, 1 LG Potato Salad, 4 Pieces of Cornbread, 8oz Sauce (Additional charge per side substitution.)



Salad Plates

Meal-sized salad plates. Served with a piece of cornbread. Each salad comes with one of our homemade dressings. Add Pulled Pork, Brisket, Sausage or Chicken for an extra charge.

Classic Iceberg Wedge- Served with smoked bacon and blue cheese dressing

Caesar Salad- Romaine, croutons, parmesan cheese and caesar dressing

Field Green Salad- Mixed greens with tomatoes, carrots, pecans and lime chipotle vinaigrette dressing- 


Hot, Hot, Hot!!

Chili- Spicy Texas style coarse ground beef chili (no beans). Served with a piece of cornbread- 16oz

Brunswick Stew- Traditional southern style stew with vegetables and pork.  Delicious on a brisk fall day or to warm you up if you are sick this winter season!  Served with a piece of cornbread- 16oz

Wings- 6 chicken wings smothered in our hot sauce served with celery and blue cheese dipping sauce- 

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