We have multiple catering packages already set up, but if you would like something customized we can make pretty much anything work! We can feed your group or party with as little as a days notice. Call today 203-319-RIBS (7427) and pick up tomorrow!

Ed’s Choice (5-10 people)

2lb pulled pork, 2 chickens, 1 slab of ribs, 2 LG potato salad, 2 LG slaw, 1 8oz sauce

Penfield (10-15 people)

3 slabs of ribs, 3 chickens, 1/2 pan of salad, 2 LG potato salad, 2 LG slaw, 1/2 pan of cornbread, 1 8oz sauce

Slaughterhouse (25-30 people)

4lb pulled pork, 4 chickens, 4 slabs of ribs, 1 pan of coleslaw, 1 pan of potato salad, 1 pan of cornbread, 1 16oz sauce