About Us

From eastern Carolina pulled pork, inland to Memphis and St. Louis for ribs, then south to Texas for smokey brisket. Come in and enjoy a great eating tour of regional barbecue. Look at our real pit barbecue, that pink color that extends from the tasty outside layer of “bark” into the meat is called the “smoke ring.” It is proof that it is all authentically slow smoked in the traditional Southern manner.

My quest for authentic barbecue has taken me to the great competitions across the South; Memphis in May, The Royal, The Jack Daniels Invitational, and many others. I’ve competed with, and learned from the South’s best Pit Masters. Now, I am proud to be able to bring authentic Southern barbeque to my friends here in the North.

Mosey on in and make yourself at home,

Ed Wilson (Proprietor and Pit Boss)

  • Member of a national championship team
  • Certified judge for Kansas City Barbeque Society competitions
  • Former Connecticut State representative for the New England Barbeque Society
  • Recently elected to Board of Directors of the National BBQ Association
  • “Award of Excellence” at the NBBQ annual convention for Eastern Carolina vinegar sauce